Inheritance disputes are rising


One in three people now rely on inheritance to fund their retirement or pay off debt.

It is almost certain that an increasing number of your clients will become embroiled in conflict situations arising from deaths in their families. It’s likely that in these times of need they will turn to you for legal support.




The IDR Claim Checker provides a simple and reliable answer, whether your client is defending or considering a claim.


Created by Inheritance Dispute Experts


We have created the IDR Claim Checker tool to help your clients understand whether their claim has merit in just five minutes.


  1. Easy to embed onto your website
  2. Benefit from a 10% fee share
  3. 24 hour access with an instant answer
  4. Complete confidentiality


The Claim Checker is flexible and can be added to any page of your site, you can even choose to style the form in your brand colours.

We also provide support when embedding the form onto your site if needed, along with an onboarding pack that includes example copy and imagery to use in your comms when talking to your clients know about it.



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Or you can use the Claim Checker here

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