Prevention, better than cure

Whilst we have a 100% record of resolving inheritance disputes that we have taken on for clients, we are well aware that prevention will always be better than cure.

1 in 3 are now relying on an inheritance to move home, pay off debt or for their retirement. So when certain situations arise such as being left out of a will, or not receiving enough inheritance, its no surprise that claims flow in.

We will never stop claims being made, but we certainly help you reduce it happening on yours. Whether it is by harnessing LegalTech to make wills harder to challenge or perhaps becoming more aware of when and where claims arise so as to avoid common mistakes. We are here to help. We know the law and the claim trends, so all our focus is on helping you constructively and effectively.


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The IDRN is here to support you should a contentious probate claim land on your desk and here we have pulled together some of our most read and downloadable content when it comes to ‘Preventative Measures’ you/your client can take to avoid will disputes.


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How do I stop someone from challenging a will?

Here are some steps to take to make sure your will is protected from challenges.

Bank vs Goodfellow

What is it? And what does it mean for Will writers.

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Want more from the IDRN? Watch our training session 'Avoiding the Court Room'

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We recently got together with Radcliffe Chambers and hosted a full training session with William Moffett, Barrister and Eleanor Stenson, Partner at IDR Law.

In this session Eleanor and William discussed in depth the process of how inheritance disputes can land in the court room, the impact this has and the preventative measures that can be taken to avoid this.

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