The IDRN ‘BIG’ Quiz


Have a bash and you could be in with a chance of winning a bottle of Champagne or some lovely flowers – you choose.

We have already rewarded two winners, the next winner will be announced in August and we’ll get a bit of a league table going for a bit of friendly competition.

The best bit is, all the answers are right here in the IDRN – no excuses not to score a straight 10!




Please add your name and email address if you would like to compete to win a bottle of Champagne or some flowers.


1. Our monthly contentious clinic is hosted by our legal team, where we overview case scenarios and trouble shoot around contentious topics. Our next one is in May, what is the topic?

2. Our podcast IDRTalk was hosted by Hannah Brittain in May 22, who was her special guest from the charity sector?

3. Universal Wealth and asset protection trust awareness is a big initiative of ours, how do we help our clients’ overcome issues with these trusts?

4. Eleanor Stenson ran a CPD session, ‘Avoiding the Court Room’ with which Barristers Chambers?

5. A deathbed gift is usually an oral expression, not in written form.

6. We highlight our four most common occurring contentious issues in our triage area, which one isn't one of these?

7. We commented on the press story covered by the Daily Mail that discussed the amount of inheritance left for Prince Charles by the late Queen. How much was that inheritance?

8. What is the time limit on bringing a 1975 Act Inheritance claim without permission of the court being required?

9. According to the rules of intestacy which one of these doesn’t count as ‘children’ that can inherit?

10. Cara Hough wrote a piece around a real-life case dealt with by IDR regarding a discretionary trust, ‘Trustees who’d have them’ who was appointed as the trustees?

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