Inheritance Act 1975 Claims

Do you have a client that has been left out of a will? Not received the inheritance they were expecting?

Disappointed beneficiary claims are very common and  fall under bringing a claim under the Inheritance Act 1975 or an equitable claim.

Our team of contentious probate solicitors have a wealth of experience in bringing and defending claims of this nature.


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The IDRN is here to support you should a contentious probate claim land on your desk and here we have pulled together some of our most read and downloadable content when it comes to ‘Inheritance Act 1975’ tailored to suit you and your client.

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The pitfalls and benefits of making a claim under the Act

Eleanor Stenson, IDR Partner, guides us through the pros and cons of making a claim

Inheritance disputes are rising

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One in three people now rely on inheritance to fund their retirement or pay off debt. It is almost certain that an increasing number of your clients will become embroiled in conflict situations arising from deaths in their families. It’s likely that in these times of need they will turn to you for legal support.


The IDR Claim Checker provides a simple and reliable answer, whether your client is defending or considering a claim.

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Triaging disappointed beneficiaries

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Resources on the Inheritance Act

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Contentious clinic webinar

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