Our online referral and support space is here to provide you with all of the information you need should a contentious case land on your desk. Along with general resources, guides and commentary for non contentious browsing.

Our monthly webinars and training sessions are the perfect way to top up on your CPD – ideal for anyone working in the wills and probate sector.

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The Triage area

Our triage area covers the most commonly occurring contentious situations we see at IDR Law. This space provides you with everything you can possibly need to know if one of these cases lands on your desk.

For each query we provide the content and support.

– Overview of the situation
– Dedicated factsheets to pass to clients
– Relevant case studies/commentaries and FAQs
– Who to talk to at IDR


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The knowledgebase

A  content hub for anyone working in wills and probate, structured perfectly to find the information you need.

Full of FAQs, factsheets, case studies, commentaries and training material designed to assist you when it comes to dealing with contentious matters, professional development, or for non-contentious browsing.

Detailing pretty much everything from general content on estate administration to factsheets on individual claims under the 1975 Act, will dispute case studies, burial dispute commentary and much more.



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