Who is James?

September 25, 2023

***Spoiler Alert*** do not read this article unless you are up-to-date and watched episode three of Channel Five’s new gripping crime drama ‘The Inheritance’!


This Monday marked the release of episode three of Channel Five’s ‘The Inheritance’, which only brought more twists and turns, for an already nail-biting series. This week’s episode dropped bombshell after bombshell, as we witness the family home burgled, a dramatic change of heart for Susan, more trouble for Daniel and perhaps a new suspect…


After the shocking death of ex-husband Michael in the previous episode, only more thrilling developments are made this week, as we watch the siblings’ lives become more and more complicated. And after the emergence of Dennis Watson’s original Will in the last episode – the inheritance war commences.


However, what follows only uncovers more secrets… As the result of this confrontation with Susan, is shocking enough for Chloe’s suspicions of her as a suspect to be seriously brought into question. And Chloe’s later discovery of Michael’s ‘suicide’ note in Susan’s bag, warning her that she is in danger and that James is back, only brings more unanswered questions. Perhaps Susan is telling the truth after all?


More trouble unsurprisingly appears to fill Daniel’s life this week, as Glen’s great lengths to scare Daniel and get his money only increase further – even using his estranged son as a pawn in his threats. Forced to ask for help, Daniel turns to Chloe’s husband Pete to money and risks losing all he has worked for.


But the most dangerous threat that lies ahead for Daniel, and perhaps the biggest twist of the episode, is the threat to his own freedom – as we witness his arrest at the end of the episode. He later becomes the subject of an aggressive questioning by DS Morris, after an astonishing revelation revealing that the money sent to Michael by his father, has ended up in his own bank account. Did Daniel steal this money? Or has Daniel been framed?


But all is not what it seems, and as we await even more dramatic twists next week, the episode concluded by asking the most puzzling question of the series yet – who is James? And, with Sian’s lover and estate agent Nathan missing, the potential murder of Susan, and rising suspicions of Chloe’s husband Pete, next week’s episode and finale is set to be one of the most turbulent and chaotic episodes yet!


Martin Holdsworth comments:

‘Lifetime payments by parents to children often throw up issues, disputes, allegations and disharmony on their later death. We’ve identified 19 different issues and potential claims following such a lifetime payment – how many can you think of?’