Where is Dennis Watson’s original Will?

September 15, 2023

Or rather, who has it?


***Spoiler Alert*** do not read this article unless you have watched Episode Two of Channel Five’s new drama ‘The Inheritance’!


This Monday saw the release of episode two of Channel Five’s nail-biting crime drama ‘The Inheritance’. This week’s episode brought more shocking developments, as we witness Dennis Watson’s death become the official focus of a murder investigation.


However, despite a conclusive Coroner’s report and the mentioning of the possibility of a poisoning, it initially appears that Detective Sergeant Morris seems more concerned with cross examining the siblings themselves – not his new wife. For now…


The right will?

Therefore, with their inheritance in jeopardy and no named suspect, the siblings are left to take matters into their own hands. What follows is a desperate search for their father’s original will, which they believe will both prove the invalidity of his new will and that their father’s new wife turned widow had something to do with his death.


Meanwhile, what happens next only brings more unanswered questions to the surface, as the episode begins to expose that each sibling is also not without their own secrets. It becomes clear that one is in debt to a local thug, one might be starting a new relationship and one is harbouring a secret from the others. But which one found the will?


As more secrets are discovered throughout the episode, tension only increases when the siblings discover that the mysteriously large payments going out of their father’s account, were being paid to his friend and new wife’s ex-husband Michael.


Could there be another suspect? Is there another person that might benefit from Dennis’ death? Could this be an act of revenge?


It is at this thrilling discovery, that Dennis decides to take charge and goes to confront Michael. What transpires is a dramatic confrontation between the two at the dead of night, only resolved by the sound of a shotgun.


With even more dramatic twists to be witnessed next week, the episode concluded as Dennis decides to take charge and confront Michael himself. What transpires is a dramatic confrontation between the two, only resolved by the sound of a single gunshot. Ending, much like the last, on another gripping cliff-hanger.


Martin Holdsworth provides his comment,

“The problem with families is that everyone is a related party ! Every child has a different relationship with their parents from that of their siblings, so nobody comes to a familial crime scene from the same start position. Probate disputes quickly become very personal as each child totally believes that their own interpretation and experience of their parent is the actual true reality and in consequence see any contrary view being proffered by a sibling as untrue, misunderstood or even contrived. Suspicion is quick to build and the fingers start to point.

Probate dispute work is like no other area – in my view, it should only ever be carried out by a specialist who already knows the law well and so is able to focus on the real challenge here – to find the common ground between the entrenched parties and then explore ways to settle the disputes.”