The Final Episode of ‘The Inheritance’!

September 29, 2023

***Spoiler Alert*** do not read this article unless you have watched the final episode of Channel Five’s crime thriller ‘The Inheritance’!


This Monday brought Channel Five’s gripping new drama ‘The Inheritance’ to an explosive end, as the three siblings finally find out what happened to their father Dennis Watson! This final episode was truly the most thrilling episode yet, as we witness the discovery of yet another body, the true identity of James revealed and a fiery end to their family home…


After alluding to the death of Susan in the previous episode, more chilling developments are revealed this week, as Sian discovers Susan lying dead in the family home and with no suspicion of foul play, the search begins for Susan’s next of kin.


But what will happen to their inheritance now?


Meanwhile, after finding connections between the circumstances of Dennis Watson’s death and another murder, DS Morris shares with the siblings the name of a man called James Southwell. Released from prison only two years ago, James Southwell had previously used a will to inherit everything from the man he subsequently murdered, which makes him a firm suspect.


Could this be the same James? But what would he want with Dennis Watson?


However, the most shocking development surfaces when Daniel decides to go looking for Nathan and finds himself at his caravan. Inside the van, more secrets are uncovered and what Daniel finds is the key to all the siblings unanswered questions.


In the meantime, DS Morris tries to uncover more clues to the true identity of James when conducting a search at the home of neighbour and Susan’s ex-wife Michael, finding a photo of Nathan and letter – signed ‘James’. Upon this revelation, it becomes clear that Nathan is not who he says he is – Nathan is James Southwell, Michael and Susan’s estranged son.


And when the siblings come together and Daniel begins to share that his findings from Nathan’s caravan include their father’s video tapes, bank statements – Nathan’s true identity is exposed to them all. And as if on cue, Nathan/James appears armed with a shotgun, threatening the siblings before dramatically setting fire to the family home, leaving them all stuck inside


But all is not lost…Glen arrives in the nick of time to save the day, ending the episode on a dramatic shot of their family home and inheritance now ablaze.


This Inheritance battle really did end with it all going up in smoke !




Martin Holdsworth comments,


‘’If watching this series and the various plot twists and turns, I would suggest that having dealt with claims just like this for over 30 years, the following are definitely true take aways:


1. What is presented as fact at the beginning of a case is never more than the person stating the facts believes – every member of a family has a different relationship with their parents and siblings.


2. It can be impossible to assess the merits of a case without some in-depth investigations into the evidence first. This can be an expensive exercise to get a “no” answer at the end of it.


3. Anything and everything happens more often than you think – As we say in Yorkshire – “there’s now’t so queer as folk”