A Successful Mediation

May 23, 2023

I recently hosted my first Contentious Clinic with Richard Thomas, one of our partners here at IDR Law, focusing on Mediation in Inheritance Disputes.


The live webinar covered practical hints and tips for practitioners preparing for and attending mediation to ensure that you and your clients get the best out of the process and, hopefully, a successful mediation ending in a decent settlement.


What did we cover?

  1. Why Mediate and when;
  2. Preparing for Mediation;
  3. What happens on the day itself; and
  4. Additional difficulties when dealing with Sibling Rivalry.


A bit of context


With inheritance disputes, our clients are often dealing with sensitive and emotive disputes involving other family members (often siblings) and it can be particularly hard for them to see past the anger, hurt and injustice of the situation they find themselves in. Going to Court can’t always offer them the solution they desire, and Mediation is a flexible way of resolving disputes that is more cost effective than going to Court and allows the parties to have their say and feel heard which, in our experience, usually leads, even the most entrenched party, to settlement.

However, that being said, agreeing to and turning up to a mediation without careful preparation will not result in the best outcome and so, in our experience, preparation is key. During this webinar we cover everything from when the best time to mediate is (that will be different depending on who you are acting for and what stage in the proceedings), what information you should gather before attending mediation, how to make sure the dispute is actually capable of settlement on the day, what discussions you should have with your clients regarding settlement; how to conduct the mediation (in person, remote or hybrid) and lots of other tips from our combined experience of many a (mostly) successful mediation.


Watch the full webinar 


The next clinic

Our next Contentious Clinic will take place Wednesday 14th June, 11am. The first session in which we’ll be inviting a guest onto the panel. Paul Smith, Founder of Paul Smith Consultancy will join Cara Hough, Partner from IDR Law for a discussion about elder abuse.

Paul is well equipped as a qualified Forensic Accountant and a former seasoned police Detective Sergeant. His skill set is unique, fusing his skills, experience and training as a Detective with accountancy.


Register here


Sophie Brackenbury, Associate