Your Charity Claim Checker report

Results breakdown

Length of marriage


Long Marriage.

They were married over three years so the courts may see this as a longer relationship, and therefore may be more likely to favour the claimant.

Regular payments


Over two years of regular payments.

The 1975 Act is eligible if there is provision of some money or moneys worth immediately proceeding death for at least two years.

If the claimant has described their regular payments as lasting longer than two years, the claim has merit.

Use of property


The claimant was using a property for over two years.

The 1975 Act sees the use of a property that was paid for by the deceased as creating a dependency.

The claimant has been using a property for two years or more, so the courts would recognise this as a dependency.

Financial dependence


Financial dependence lasting over two years.

The 1975 Act gives provision to people who had financial dependence on a deceased person.

This could be regular payments, or use of a property owned by the deceased.

The arrangement has lasted two years or more, up until the time of death, so the courts would recognise this as a financial dependency.