Thanks for filling out the last survey!

Here are the results:

‘Nature of dispute’ was only added as an afterthought, but its gone straight in at number 1.

The Claim Checker / referrer forms will now include questions based on these results, and the data points from those questions will be displayed on the dashboard in the new CRM.

Which might look like this:

We wanted to ask one more question to define the options for the ‘Nature of dispute’ question, for example: ‘Left out of will’, or ‘Promises not kept’.

In the box below, could you write a list of the options you think should be included in the question ‘What is the nature of your dispute?’

These will then be added to the Claim Checker.

Its best to keep to the most common reasons people dispute. If there are really uncommon or unusual reasons people have given, these would be covered by ‘other’.

Just list the most obvious, commonly occurring reasons.

Thanks for your time. The survey results so far have pretty much defined exactly how the Claim Checker has been designed, and what content is included.

Such as 'Will incorrect', or 'Left out of will'. Just include the most commonly occurring reasons, leave the rare ones out. People will be able to tick all that apply.