Thanks for filling out the first survey, the results were really useful for the design of the Claim Checker.

Based on the results of the first survey, here is one more question that will further help establish what information is taken from the Claim Checker form, and displayed on the dashboard of recent enquiries for triage and legal teams.

The aim of the choosing the right data points to display on the dashboard is to get a short list of the very most important details required to make a rough, initial assessment of each enquiry, at a glance.

Design best-practice for data visualisation on dashboards says that you should be ruthless in choosing what data to display. The more data on display, the harder it is for the person looking at the data to process and understand it.

With this in mind, we want only the very most important data points. Any more than five, it will become more cluttered and be harder to process quickly.

Please have a read of this pdf which has the results from the first survey, and describes what this survey is intending to find out:

IDR UX research insights

This survey only has one question!

Thanks again for your time.

All cases vary widely and require deeper exploration to fully establish the merit or legal standing, but if you had to make a very quick, rough judgement, what details are the most important? Drag the most important to the top, and least important to the bottom. Don't worry if some details are of similar importance, just put them next to each other.
  • Size of estate
  • Relationship with deceased
  • Named in current or previous will
  • Number of beneficiaries
  • Is there a will?
  • Is the validity of the will being disputed?
  • 1975 Claim Checker grade - Y/N/M based on domicile, relationship to deceased, and date of probate
  • Has probate been granted?
  • Date of probate
  • Nature of dispute - claimant chooses from list of typical reasons they are unhappy with current arrangements
  • Intention of claimant - info gathering / proceeding with claim to rectify situation / etc
This is very top-level. All details taken in from the enquiry will be displayed within each enquiry anyway, but we are looking for the most important to give a rough grade at a glance.