Inheritance dispute survey

As part of our Legal-Tech research we are building up a detailed picture of people facing inheritance disputes. For most people in these situations, it will be the first and only time they have to deal with a will dispute. So its all new to them, and they have to navigate complex and difficult scenarios with little or no experience.

Although inheritance disputes cover a vast and complex area of law, there are some common issues that many people will face. By learning as much as we can about these issues, we can focus our efforts on providing the right support, to the right people, at the right time.

As part of this research, we would be super grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes answering these questions about your experience with will disputes and CP.

In return, we are giving away a bottle of Champagne (standard), or a bouquet of flowers (your choice). All you need to do is write a couple of sentences and we will enter you into the draw.

Thanks so much! IDR team.