A Royal Inheritance

March 14, 2023

Reports from the Daily Mail were circling over the weekend, regarding the £650 million fortune left from the Queen to the King. Showing that nobody is immune to sibling rivalries…


Martin P Holdsworth comments

‘Research carried out within the general public has found that 1 in 3 people are relying on an inheritance to fund either retirement or to discharge their mortgage/debts. It seems that being a Prince does not save you from this reliance – the general shift from hoping, to expecting, to relying on an inheritance is something we have seen happen first hand over the last decade. When a relied upon inheritance doesn’t land, what to do? Well, the same research suggests that 1 in 4 have no Plan B and as a result have to explore some kind of claim to recover some of the inheritance they have relied upon receiving.

What undoubtedly makes the situation worse is if the bigger or whole share of the actual inheritance goes to siblings …. It is human nature to equate individual levels of inheritance as some kind of parental love indicator. Tax savings may well be at the heart of this, but Prince Andrew is undoubtedly going to feel that he has been weighed and measured by his parents against his brother and found lacking. Sibling rivalries and disputes are one of our most common disputes – in fact, there is a whole section devoted to it right here in the IDRN!’